Training "In-Depth Issues of Project Management Organization"
Training "In-Depth Issues of Project Management Organization"

Extremely productive weekend together with Chernivtsi IT Cluster

On March 2 and 3, project managers of companies participating in the Chernivtsi IT Cluster deepened their knowledge thanks to the cluster training on project management from the recognized expert in project management, Sergiy Potapov! 💡

🔍 During the training, we considered:
1️⃣ Working with stakeholders: how to interact and influence key project participants.
2️⃣ "9 steps of persuasion" for influential stakeholders.
3️⃣ Introduction to the PVRO method: how to identify and rank the most important tasks.
4️⃣ "Fixation of agreements" through the PODSC tool on one A4 page
5️⃣ Individual development plans + delegation as a tool for employee/team development.

Thank you Sergiy Potapov for an interesting and practical perspective on project management! 🙌🏼

📈 And most importantly, remember that Efficiency + Effectiveness = Productivity. So let's continue to develop together with Chernivtsi IT Cluster!