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(Created by Chernivtsi IT Cluster)

BA Community is a Chernivtsi community of professionals in the field of business analysis, where you can gain experience, gain new knowledge, find new contacts and mentors.

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BA Community

Andrii Biliar

Business Analyst in Epam

By joining the Community, you will receive

it community
access to the closed chat of specialists;
exchange of experience with leading specialists;
discussion of current trends and approaches
community knowlagebase
access to the knowledge base
mentors contacts
participation in the formation of educational programs of educational institutions
community events
free access to Community meetings (9 events during the year)
free access to Community workshops

Benefits of participation

  • access to a closed chat of specialists in the field of human resources management;
  • access to the BA Community knowledge base;
  • free access to BA Community events (9 events during the year);

Conditions of participation

To join the BA Community, you must:

‍Respect for other participants:‍

  • Encourage positive and respectful communication.
  • Refrain from insults and express your thoughts constructively.

Prohibited content:

  • Do not post hateful, offensive or illegal content.
  • Refrain from posting spam and false information.

Community topics:

  • Follow the theme of the community and post relevant content.
  • Before creating a new post, make sure it meets the community's goals.

Active participation:

  • Join the discussion and help other participants.
  • Actively participate in thematic activities and events in the community.

Speech policy:

  • Refrain from using obscene language, offensive language and russian language.
  • Be respectful of the diversity of viewpoints.

Conflict management:‍

  • Resolve disagreements civilly and respectfully.
  • Notify the BA Community Manager of any situations that may require intervention.


  • Promotional messages, advertising of events, etc. are published in agreement with the head of the BA Community.

In case of violation of these rules, the user will be removed from the BA Community chat and denied access to BA Community events.

About Us

By Joint Efforts

Chernivtsi IT Cluster consists of the representatives of the leading IT companies in the region. The main goal of the community is the development of the IT sphere in the area, the creation of the proper infrastructure in the town, working on joint projects.



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