HR Hills
HR Hills

⛰ On May 18, the HR Community team of the Chernivtsi IT Cluster held its first HR conference - HR Hills! ⛰

Thank you to our wonderful speakers for their informative and inspiring talks:

Yarina Vozniak shared analytics of Ukrainian IT during the war and insights for making effective HR decisions.
Iryna Gnutova talked about AI in HR and how to use it in her work.
Olena Kirichenko showed HR marketing in action to attract and retain talent.
Anna Saienko explained why a personal brand is needed and how it helps both you and the company.

🤝 We also express our gratitude to our partners for supporting the event:, Renault, Ford, Michele, Bazismed, SK Universala, PROPEOPLE, Bacara, La Grace, as well as to the cluster partners - TIGR company for protection during the conference.

❤️ We are very happy to see so many professionals who want to develop their skills, and we will definitely hold more such large-scale events. Your activity has shown how powerful the HR community is in our city. Till next time!